When it comes to hiring, we know it can be a long-winded process. Posting job adverts, screening hundreds of CVs, scheduling and conducting interviews, checking references, giving feedback and sorting out the starter admin.

It is a full time job in itself, so if you don’t have a HR department, the burden often falls on overstretched managers.

Research a few years back revealed that HR directors spend a month (27.59 days) on average recruiting for open positions within their organisation.

That doesn’t make sense to us.

Instead, you could pay an affordable one-off fee to be presented with a shortlist of vetted, suitable and available candidates, who are ready to get to work.

Your lengthy recruitment process could also be costing you the perfect hire.

Don’t let new talent get snapped up elsewhere because you don’t have the time and resources to secure their hire.

A study of UK businesses showed that 54% of HR directors have lost out on a qualified candidate due to a long hiring process. Not only are they missing out on a great hire, they are wasting their valuable time.

At Simply Interview we already have a database of vetted and available candidates ready to start work. Every candidate who registers their CV with us is taken through the Simply Interview process to find out more about them and what they can offer to ensure we place the right people in the right jobs.

You can either choose to take candidates through to your own interview process or choose for them to start straight away, knowing that we have already interviewed them and checked their references.

Don’t let your precious time get starved by the admin and hassle of hiring. Instead, let Simply Interview offer you an affordable HR solution.

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