At Simply Interview we can provide you with a shortlist of pre-vetted candidates or narrow it down to who we feel is the perfect person.

Some of our clients like to carry out the final interview themselves. This is a great way to make sure they are the right person for your business.

The pitfalls of an interview

The trouble with a job interview is the level of predictability. A CV that has been tweaked to fit the job description, a candidate showing their best side and a list of questions you could predict from a mile off!

A few weeks down the line you realise their work ethic is all off or they start clashing with other team members, and you realise your instinct missed the mark.

There are some ways you can avoid this; you just need to think outside the box.

Find ways to understand their values and make them show their true selves.

Don’t make the decision on your own – the opinions of the rest of the team counts too. Afterall they are the ones who will be working with them.

Curve ball questions

Chances are the candidate will be ready to tell you how they overcame a challenge at work or where they see themselves in 5 years’ time – but will they be able to tell you which chocolate bar best reflects their personality?!

This might sound completely silly, but they won’t have an answer prepared and it may reveal more than they think about the personality and sense of humour.

You could also offer up a scenario that is common in your line of work and ask how they would handle it. If they seem too precious about the dirtier jobs, or flustered about confrontation, they might not be the right fit.

Get out of the interview room

One of the best ways to suss out your potential next hire is getting them up and about.

Take them for a tour of the business. Perhaps a stop off in the office kitchen to make a brew is where you might start to see a less formal side.

Are they curious about the surroundings, do they ask questions, and are they respectful and courteous to everyone they meet?

If you only have a small office, perhaps go for a stroll or a bite to eat. You can keep an eye on how they treat others, how confident they are and what their communication is like.

Ask the team

Even if the final decision rests with you, it doesn’t hurt to get some more opinions.

Whether it’s the receptionist who greeted them, the employees who chatted to them while they waited for the interview or people they interacted with whilst there – find out what their first impression was.

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