Taking in to consideration the current labour shortages and the cost of training up a new employee, it is really important to retain your new staff members.

It can be nerve-wracking starting a new job. The more you can do to help a new starter settle in, the quicker they’ll get up to speed and reach their full potential.

How your new starter feels in their first few days and weeks is crucial to their longevity with you.

Here are some easy wins to make sure they feel welcomed.

We get by with a little help from our friends

Designate one of the team to be the new starter’s buddy. They can be in charge of making all the introductions to the team, giving them a tour of the office and showing them where everything is.

To have a peer to ask questions of is a lot less daunting than asking the boss. It helps them form new bonds and it will save you time dealing with the less pressing questions.

They can also advise on any office politics, from not using Brenda’s butter to how often they need to make a tea round.

Weekly catch up

Give your new starter the chance to share any worries with you to stop them festering in to bigger problems.

If they are underperforming in any areas, you can nip it in the bud early on, and give them the best start in a new job.

Make sure they have a clear understanding of what is expected of them and how it will be measured and reviewed so they know the parameters.


A company handbook or welcome pack ensures your new employee has all the information they need to hand, including your company’s policies. Also make sure they have a contract from day one (if not before).

Set up their work station

What does your new starter need on their first day? A security pass, stationery, a uniform, or their own mug perhaps? By taking a few minutes to make sure everything is in place, they will feel valued from the get go.

To do list

There’s nothing worse than starting a new job and finding everyone is too busy to tell you what needs doing, and wasting away a morning pretending to read the company website.

Make sure your newbie has some simple tasks to get stuck in to on their first day that their buddy or line manager can give them.

They will be eager to impress and get stuck in.

Forming relationships

The sooner your new starter feels part of the team the better. Help them form friendships and deeper bonds with social activities. A team lunch in the park or Friday night drinks could be just the ticket.

Don’t underestimate the effect these small actions will have in making sure your new starter feels welcomed and settles in quickly.

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