Looking for work can feel daunting and you might not know where to start. We don’t want you to see it as a mammoth task – that’s only going to hinder how proactive you are about tackling the job hunt.

So, we’ve put together some handy tips for how best to approach your job search. These are easy wins for staying focused and on track!

What are your key objectives?

To help you narrow down what to apply for, you first need to think about what you want from a job. What is most important? Is it the length of the commute to the office, is it a certain wage or a good work life balance? Once you know your key objectives, it helps focus your search.

Don’t turn these goals in to limitations though. You need to stay flexible to what jobs are available, and you might find during your job search your objectives change.

It’s also important to recognise your own strengths and weaknesses to understand which jobs you would be suitable for.

Do your research

Look in to the target companies that appeal to you and see what you can find out from reviews on what it is like to work there.

If you are considering a specific role, do you have the right qualifications? Find out what would be required as a minimum from job adverts. You couldn’t just walk in to a role as an astronaut!

Work with recruiters

There is a plethora of recruiters out there and if you find the ones specialising in your field, they can open you up to opportunities you weren’t even aware of.

One CV doesn’t fit all jobs

This is especially important when applying for your dream job. Don’t expect a HR manager or recruiter to meticulously study your CV and try to understand how your skills would fit in to their vacancy, if it isn’t immediately obvious.

Turn that on its head by tailoring your CV to each job you apply for to make you the obvious fit for the job. Try and work in phrases from the job description and use examples of relevant experience to meet the criteria.

Consider your online presence

Potential employers will look you up online – that is a fact! Set your Facebook to private so they can’t see the escapades from your Saturday night out. Utilise LinkedIn to the max – keep your experience up to date and use posting to share your experiences and expertise – staying professional at all times.

Prepare well

Make sure you are well prepared for any job interview. We have more tips for this here!

It can be very stressful looking for a job. Make sure you look after your wellbeing and when it’s getting too much, take a break and get active outside!


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